Monday, July 8, 2013

Supreme Court Rulings and its impact on people of color by August H Mallory

As I begin this story, I  had learned that the supreme court had struck down a civil rights bill that would keep the voting rights act in place,  the supreme court claims that the south has changed,  and this is where I tend to differ,  true enough,  african americans do not wear chains and leg shackles and are no longer sold on the auction block,  true they are not sold to white slave owners and forced to work on plantations to pick cotton. and true enough african americans are no longer subjected to be given 500 lashes on their naked behinds if they run away from their owners,  but the question is has the south really changed, maybe it has from what we once knew it,  but the institutionalism of racism is ever so prevelent,  you can still see prejudice in the attitudes of many whites in the south,  the 14th amendment allows a person to go whereever they choose within the state that they reside  but in various states in the south if you are  african american, the 14th amendment does not apply to you.  but then this attitude doesn't just exist in the south,  its all over the united states. racism still exist in america, and the supreme court of the united states needs to take a closer look at what they are striking down. 
the right to vote was fought for minorities and women across america, and now such a law that was fought for so strongly is now being taken away.  but the supreme court will allow same sex marriages, how disgusting,  two men cannot produce,  two women cannot produce,  it will take one man and one women to produce an offspring,  the gay and lesbian communities need to wake up.  and read what the bible says about homosexuality and the consequences of it,  people may sing, dance, and rejoice over ruling of same sex marriages but trust me my friends,  almighty god is not rejoicing over this, he is very upset over this, and when those in the gay community stands before all mighty god they will have to give account for what they have done,  hell is very real,  the lake of fire is very real,  but if this is the life people want then I can only pray that almighty god will spare their soul'

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

remembering stacie aka caramel

I write this story about a girl I met in Washington DC sometime ago, I knew her as caramel, her real name stacie, I won't give her last name. that would be giving out too much information about her. I remember when we would often sit and chat alot when I would visit her at a place called louis rogue, she was in fact a very beautiful looking young woman. I even asked to join me at Division One International, but I guess in many ways she was and was not interested. I bonly wish she had decided to continue with it. she would have made a great representative to Division One International. I only wish that I could speak with her right now.
I can understand that she now has her own life to deal with now. but it would be nice to speak to her again. even for a brief moment would be fine. if she ever wants to come back and be apart of Division One International. I would most certainly welcome her back with open arms. I always told her that I would stand behing her and support her no matter what she decided to do. and I still stand by that conviction today. I will always be there for her.
there were alot of men in her life. and I was aware of this. but I wanted to show her that I did not hate her for this. that I did trust her judgement on many matters. I never really knew wether stacie lived in DC, Maryland or Virginia. not that it really mattered, but I really do miss her. and I really would like to see her again. maybe someday we will see each other again. as I write this message i hope that stacie does find this. i want her to know, that even though I was not exactly her Ideal candidate for a soul mate. I did care alot about her. I know that there will always be other girls, but not like stacie. not like my caramel. I don't know what it was that attracted me to you. but I will never ever get over it. where ever you are at this very moment, I do wish all the best. I wish you a very safe and happy thanksgiving holiday season, and a very merry christmas, I still hangon to that hope that maybe, just maybe one day I will see you again.
Take Care, and best wishes to you always.
August H Mallory

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The matter of being forced to give out personal information- story by August H Mallory

As I write this story, I could not help but to mention the fact that many poor people are forced to give out their personal information when trying to seek help from many social service agencies throughout america. as I see the poor and homeless being a victim of information theft. these agencies have the right now to pass your personal information to anyone they so choose. we hear about identity theft, well everybody if these agencies want to pass themselves off as you. they can. social workers are very nosey people, they want to know everything about you from the day that you were born. I personally only give them information that I want them to know and nothing more. trust me I stretch the truth as far as possible. on social service case worker told me that talking to alot of people was like pulling teeth. I cannot blame alot of people. it seems to me if a person comes to seek help from an agency why must a person go through so much. as I write this story, I hope that a person that is in need will try to question agencies as to why do they need so much information. I have discovered that many families do not want other people to know their information. so many families have closed off contact with family members just to keep their information private. this is sad but when you consider the many psychopaths out there. you cannot blame many people. however I do understand that with employment, employers need to know how to contact their employees. the freedom of information act is a dangerous thing for many people. and it seems that no one has any privacy anymore.
our private freedom has gone out of the window these days. I see why the poor and homeless prefer to sleep in the streets and prefer not to be bothered with this type of intrusion into their personal lives.
street newspapers do have some level of respect for a person's privacy. many street newspapers only ask you to sign a contract agreement not an application. I am all for that. at least your personal information is not thrown all across america. and many agencies need to realize this. and take this into consideration. oh' yes they will tell you that they are aware of all of this. but they don't practice privacy. maybe they will think differently when someone happens to throw all of their information across america.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

viewing the Division One International website

Division One International is a business, and I am hoping that our associates will treat DOI as a business. trying to get people to particioate in anything is hard. people these days just don't care to get involved with much these days. our website is and I am hoping that people will go to the internet and look for this site.
it has taken alot of work to get DOI up and running. and Iwish people would consider doing something more positive and constructive with their lives. coming to our website does not cost a dime. we just ask you to join us. Division One International is now thirteen years old. we are still a young company but we are growing very fast. I have to go over all of this over and over again.
It a tough thing to keep going. but I am now the only person willing to keep Division One International above water.but I have tried to get minorities to help but they prefer more mainstream businesses.
I cannot stop them from this however I do hope that they do get more work hours out of that. employment is not as plentiful as it once was. a person is lucky to get anytype work available these days.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The moment of waiting for business

As I often have wondered, why does it take some people like myself of course to fit in with the crowd. having grown up in the 1950s I can truly see that times have changed. sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst. as I travel from city to city and town to town, I see the make up of various business tactics.
in many african american operated businesses there is alot of vast discrimination in the system.
and this has been going on for many, many years. the sad thing is that there is no end to this community unfairness. I have gone as far as bringing in the poorest of poor people who were in my opinion very smart people they were just placed on the back burner. and fell through the cracks as they were lacking the skills needed to get jobs and housing, to create a business is a good thing but when you are trying to promote your business, it is hard to reach many people.
so how do you reach a audience that fears their own community. how do you curve this hate or jealousy maybe.
trying to create good relations is very important, but it is often very hard to do this with your own race. especially amongst african americans. we have such a violent streak of hate within us
that the anger and rage will make us take a life without question.
so how do we create good business relations. within the african american community. without all of the rage within us. for this moment of waiting for business can be both frustrating and confusing. I created Division One International. a business that I am very proud to have.
I listen to people who are unemployed and homeless, I listen to their struggles. and I try to be very compassionate to their needs. waiting for business and how often disappionting that it can be. with the opportunity that you have created for people is something tyhat you should be fond of. but what about the people who will not respond to your offers.
I often ask myself would I have done better if I have been a main stream business.

Monday, May 19, 2008

To build an entreprise not just a company

We stand proud of Division One International. a partnership which sells wholesale and retail items of every sort and style. as I bring in partners of every skill level. I am sure that Division One International will thrive on for years to come. I only hope that after I am gone my most trusted associates will continue to keep Division One International operating.
It would be ashamed to lose such a good business after spending many years of building it up. many of you truly need jobs. and the more jobs the more the economy rolls. a productive workforce is what america needs to continue its mission as a superpower. at Division One International, we have not just building a company, we want Division One International to be a world wide enterprise.and this will be the mission from here on out. loser companies I don't deal with. Division One International is a winning company and we will always be the front runner, in our field of expertise. in a complex world we need a complex business, and this is where Division One International takes the lead.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recognizing a partnership

As I begin to write my story on how Division One International became a partnership. my partners are showing much interest in being apart of the company. to all mof them I thank them. to all of them I give the highest credit.
maybe it is a little uneasy seeing a minority business prosper. especially a black owned operated business. this still america, and mainstream america still has tgis thing about blacks, that blacks are not very good at being good leaders. no matter how much education blacks get.
I do protest to this. even other blacks have the habit of putting their own people down.recognizing a partnership is one of my many challenges. and for everyone whobecame partners thank you.